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Steindalen Farm

Farm with milk and meat production. Farm sale with sale of beef and some lamb from the farm's small herd of Gammelnorsk Spælsau.

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On the farm located at Gjølme in Orkland. We sell meat from Hereford bulls, which are from the farm's suckling herd, which consists of 25 mothers. The calves are born in early spring and follow their mother and the rest of the herd on open field pastures all summer. The "Hereford" is a thrifty breed that utilizes open pasture very well and needs minimal concentrate. We have a farm shop in the barn on the farm, where you can find all kinds of cuts, sausages, burgers and cured meats. We also have a selection of local food treasures from other producers, and also some interiors mostly to supplement the range of products.

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