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Trondheim Brewery Festival

Trondheim August 1 - 3, 2024

Trondheim Brewery Festival celebrates craft beer, microbrews and specialty beers.

We welcome you to Trondheim Brewery Festival at Torvet, right downtown Trondheim August 1 -3, 2024. The festival is happening at the same time as Trøndelag Food Festival.

Entrance to Trondheim Brewery Festival is FREE, and you don't need tickets. Simply buy tasting glasses and Oi! festival tokens to trade in for brew when you get to the festival.

Trondheim Brewery Festival is known for the relaxed vibe and the friendly people. The festival is a meeting place for friends as well as making new friends while tasting true craft brew and experiencing the city of Trondheim at its very best. 

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm each day. Venue closes at 11.30pm.

All ages before 7pm, 18 and over after 7pm 

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When you get to the festival you can buy tasting glass(es) and festival tokens that you'll use as payment for brew and food.

Trondheim Brewery Festival happens at the same time as Trøndelag Food Festival, so you'll have an amazing opportunity to sample the very best of food and beverage from Trøndelag.

30 breweries

In 2023 we had 30 curated breweries. 15 of them were from the greater Trøndelag region, there were 13 other Norwegian breweries from both north of and south of Trøndelag. We also had two international breweries. Altogether you had the opportunity to sample over 350 kinds of brew!

At the festival you can find find any style of beer and variety of hand-crafted beer you can imagine, many with locally grown and foraged ingredients and in traditional and creative forms. There are also other types of brew; you'll find cider made from apples and fruit harvested from Norwegian orchards on the west coast, as well as mead, even sparkling mead. There is also the brew of coffee, presenting local coffee roasting companies. 

Non-alcoholic brew

Local Trondheim beer shop Gulating will have their own non-alcoholic bar, for those of you who have opted to be the designated driver for the night or for those who would like to sample the flavors of great tasting alcohol-free craft beers and other beverages.

Food: The Festival Restaurants

At Trondheim Brewery Festival you can purchase food to go with your festival brew; there is a wide variety of flavors that can be paired with the many flavors of brew. Five curated festival restaurants make food based on locally sourced ingredients from Trøndelag. The beer list will make food pairing recommendations, or you can just ask your favorite brewer or the staff at your selected festival restaurants.

Updated digital menu and Untappd

Trondheim Brewery Festival is one of the biggest craft beer festivals in Norway, and attracts the best of Norwegian breweries. You'll have lots of opportunities to learn about the breweries as the brewers themselves are staffing the taps. Some brews may run out, and others may be added. Many of the breweries like to bring small-batch 'festival specials.'

The digital menu will be updated continuously, and you can rate the beers on Untappd. 



Trondheim Brewery Festival is put on by Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke, a non-profit and stock-based company working to create more visibility, revenue and celebration of local producers and brewers in the Trøndelag region.

The festival was held for the first time in 2013, and has evolved into becoming a popular arena for brewing skills, showcasing the best of craft brew from the region and the country as a whole.

As we go for quality above quantity, we have no ambitions of becoming the largest brewing festival there is. But a lot of people think we are the best craft brew festival, and that's something we continue to work for!