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The Trøndelag Foodmanifesto

The Trøndelag Foodmanifesto

In 2011 Trøndelag was the first region in the world to create its own food manifesto, which had been inspired by The New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto of 2004. The 2004 manifesto, initiated by chefs René Redzepi and Claus Meyer, was at the time drawn up by some of the region’s top chefs and food professionals. The manifesto had 10 key points, such as urging chefs to reflect the different Scandinavian seasons in the meals, and to base cooking on raw materials that are of high quality in the landscape and waters of the Nordic climate. The manifesto encouraged combining the demand for great flavors with modern knowledge around health and well-being. It was also emphasized that developing new possible applications for traditional Nordic food products, and combining local self-sufficiency of high-quality foods would be the path for the future. 

The Trøndelag Food Manifesto holds some of these key points and implements them in local food production and sustainability. The manifesto seeks to create revenue through preserving, strengthening and developing food production and food culture and in turn making people, organizations and companies more aware of the food produced on the land and in the waters of Trøndelag. The Trøndelag Food Manifesto is created to install identity and pride in this region in the middle of Norway. 

The eight key points are:
1. We seek to promote the uniqueness, diversity and flavor of the food produced in Trøndelag in all areas ranging from the coast and the ocean to the high plains and mountains.
2. We seek to contribute to using raw materials and foods that further the enjoyment of food and health.
3. We seek to contribute to the marketing of local foods and food traditions as tourist attractions. 
4. We seek to communicate the stories about Trøndelag foods and its preparations.
5. We seek to utilize foods from the ocean and the land throughout their seasonal variations.
6. We seek to encourage the use of foods and products that are environmentally sustainable.
7. We seek to support good food and food culture among children and youth.
8. The food and food culture of Trøndelag will be evidence based. We seek to contribute to the development of regional foods and products through education, innovation and research.

By signing the Trøndelag Food Manifesto your organization acknowledges the values of the manifesto and implements the key points in strategies, decision processes and actions. 

Oi! Trøndersk Mat of Drikke as a company is working to create more visibility, revenue and celebration of local food producers in the Trøndelag region. There are now many companies and organizations supporting and encouraging the use of food produced in Trøndelag. We are experiencing an increased visibility of Trøndelag-produced food, and this encourages identity and pride in both the agriculture- and seafood industries. 

The manifesto is the instigator for regionally produced foods being used in settings such as sports events, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, markets, hotels, restaurants, butcher shops, fish mongers and grocery stores such as Rema 1000 and MENY Midt-Norge. 

The manifesto encourages the use of regional foods for both weekday dinners as well as events. When public celebrations and football games serve locally produced foods, they break habitual patterns around mass-produced and imported foods, bring awareness to the public, and allow for regional food stories to be told.