Nr 2 Mann Med Hund Bryggerifestivalen

Practical Information

Trondheim Brewery Festival August 1-3 is located in the town square called Torvet, right in the middle of downtown Trondheim. Trøndelag Food Festival is happening at the same time, and flanks the surrounding streets. The bar and festival area of Trondheim Brewery Festival surrounds the 18 meter tall statue of Olav Tryggvason.



Opening hours

Thursday August 1: 11am - 11pm

Friday August 2: 11am - 11pm

Saturday August 3: 11am - 11pm

- The festival area closes at 11.30pm


The basics of Trondheim Brewery Festival 

Price List

Starter paddle NOK 625 

Starter Kit NOK 425

Small Starter Kit NOK 225

1 Oi! NOK 40

1 glass NOK 40

Limited edition glass 2024 NOK 80

T-shirt NOK 400

Hoodie NOK 650

Tote bag NOK 100

Beer paddle NOK 120




How do you find your way to Trondheim Brewery Festival, and what if there are things you're wondering about? Here are frequently asked questions - and answers. 

Follow along for live updates during the festival over on Instagram @trondheimbreweryfestival

Do I need a ticket?

No you don't need at ticket! Until july 31 you can pre-purchase The Starter Kit, wich gets you fast track entrence into the festival. When you get to Trondheim Brewery Festival entrance is free, and you can buy Oi! tokens and glasses at the festival stand or from pop-up sellers in the festival area. 

Do I pay admission to get in to Trondheim Brewery Festival?

Nope, entrance is free!

How do I get to Trondheim Brewery Festival?

We recommend that you take the bus downtown, as parking during this time can be difficult. Use the travel planner and app AtB to find buses and connections. You can get off at the bus stop called Kongens gate, then you'll be at Prinsenkrysset and you'll see the festival. The bus stops Dronningens gate and Olav Tryggvasons gate are also downtown. Or, you can get off the bus at Nidaros Cathedral and stroll down the avenue of Munkegata, perusing the stands at Trøndelag Food Festival before you end up at Trondheim Brewery Festival.  

For us that have pre-purchased The Starter Kit, where do we go?

Those of you that have pre-purchased The Starter Kit have your own fast-track entrance, it's located on the western corner of the festival facing ØX Tap Room. Here you'll have your Starter Kit scanned, you'll get a wrist band ensuring your fast-track entry, a Skurktur-designed festival glass and 10 Oi! tokens. You'll be able to use this entrance on all the three days of the festival. 

I'd like to smoke a cigarette. Where can I smoke?

The smoking area is next to the toilets, in the corner facing the shopping center Trondheim Torg. We've put out ashtrays for you and decorated with herbs and flowers. 

Where are the toilets?

The toilets are the blue festival toilets gathered in the corner facing the shopping center Trondheim Torg. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes you can bring your dog, as long as he/she/they are on a leash and well behaved. 

Is there an age limit? 

Trondheim Brewery Festival opens at 11am all three days, and is open to all during the day. When Trøndelag Food Festival closes at 7pm on Thursday August 1 and Friday August 2, and at 5.30pm on Saturday August 3, the age limit is 18 years of age. 

Can I wash my glasses?

Yes you can. To ensure that you get as clean of a tasting experience as possible we have installed three rinsing stations in the festival area. Here you can rinse your glass(es) and drink some water in between the brew tasting sessions. 

The brew that I read about in the printed menu and wanted to taste is sold out. How do I know what's available at any given time?

Enjoy the printed menu, it's like a magazine where you can read about craft beer styles, walk the beer trail, take Knut Alber's quiz and see all the breweries you can choose from. The brewers do their best to estimate how much brew they'll sell, but sometimes they run out. On the upside they sometimes brew small batch festival specials, so you might be in for a surprise. Talk to the brewers, ask which brews are popular and if they have any specials. And remember, the digital menu is always up to date. The menu in Untappd will also be up to date at all times.

Where do I find the digital menu?

The digital menu on our website is always up to date. Scan the QR code printed on the wooden chips sitting on your table and you'll be taken straight to the digital menu. 

What is Untappd?

Untappd is an app that works like 'social media for craft beer' where you can range beers and talk about them with other Untappd users. Trondheim Brewery Festival is on Untappd and all the brews and breweries are listed and it's always up to date on what's available. Go to Untapped here.

I can't have gluten. How do I find gluten free beers?

Some craft beers are certified gluten free, you'll find them in the 'gluten free' category in the digital menu. Other brews might be listed as under 20 ppm (parts per million). It's up to you to know what you can tolerate, as most gluten free brews may still have a hint of gluten. in the printed menu alle gluten free beers are visibly marked with "Gluten free". If you are uncertain; talk to the breweries.

Can I reserve a table?

You can only reserve a table in the lounge, there are three slots per day. Make a booking HERE

What is fast track?

Fast track means that you get to use a separate entrance to get yourself quickly into the festival. This might be handy if there's a line. You can only get fast track if you pre-purchase the Starter Kit, you can do so HERE. When the festival has started August 1 you can no longer buy fast track. 

Further questions?

Ask the Brewers behind the bar, the many volunteers with brightly colored Trondheim Brewery Festival t-shirts, the staff in the shop/those who sell Oi!s, or our security personnel PCM. 

Or write us a message on our pages on Instagram or Facebook

We look forward to seeing you!