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Prize-winning products

Prize-winning products

Each year, the best products of the year are chosen among the exhibitors at Trondheim Food Festival by a jury consisting of food and beverage experts. 

The aim of the award is to highlight the amazing products and ingredients produced in Trøndelag.

The categories are:

  • Baked good and grain product of the year
  • Meat product of the year
  • Dairy product of the year
  • Seafood product of the year
  • Sweet treat of the year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Organic product of the year
  • Best Food Gift of the year
  • Drink of the year

The winners of 2024 will be announced July 31st, the day before the festival starts. During the festival, winning products will be marked with the sticker "Årets produkt 2024" (Product of the year 2024).

Product of the year

Look for this sticker during your visit to Trondheim Food Festival if you want to try the very best products of this year, but be quick as these products usually get sold out!

Previous winners


Best baked good and grain product of the year: Frøyaflak from Granviks Røkeri

Best meat product of the year: Fenalår of cashmere goat from Elset Gård

Best dairy product of the year: Skjenald from Orkland Ysteri

Best seafood product of the year: Garnviks traditional smoked salmon from Garnviks Røkeri

Best sweet treat of the year: Mangotango sorbet from Jentene på Tunet - Chocolatier

Best newcomer of the Year: Pistasjkrønsj from Jentene på Tunet - Chocolatier

Best organic product of the year: Kongeost from Hitra Gårdsmat

Best Food Gift of the year: Food from the islands to you from Smaker fra Øyriket

Best drink of the year: Elstar apple cider from Inderøy Mosteri