About our company Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke

The company name loosely translates to Trøndelag Foods and Beverages, with the term Oi! as a Norwegian word for discovery and being joyfully surprised. When people say Oi! about foods and beverages from the Trøndelag region it is because they are full of flavor, authenticity and connection to the land and sea. 

Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke has created Trøndelag Food Festival and Trondheim Brewery Festival, which are held at the end of July every year. Our company strives to not only generate interest in food and beverages from Trøndelag during the festivals, but also throughout the year with a wide range of activities and collaborations with various agents in the regional food industry.  
It is the mission of Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke to further establish Trøndelag as Norway’s most prominent and exciting food region so that interest and engagement ripples locally, nationally and internationally. Oi! seeks to contribute to increased revenue for small and large regional food companies and industries, all the while with the produce, artisanal products, and foods from agriculture and aquaculture of the Trøndelag region at the center.  

On a day to day basis we work to create and maintain the identity and reputation of the Trøndelag food region while evolving and building networks and lines of communication.  


Oi! is building a substantial food region 

The vision of our company is to create more visibility, revenue and celebration of local food and beverage producers in the Trøndelag region. Many challenges facing our farmers are lifted in our branch called Green Research, which links the university in Trondheim, research organizations and agriculture in finding solutions that support and create more revenue for the farmers in the region. 
For Trøndelag Food Festival we ensure that local artisans, food producers and exhibitors have the best sales arena in the country for their products and cultural food experiences offered. This approach makes our company an appealing collaboration partner for companies and organizations working to promote regional foods.  

Our work in the company is over-arched by the notion of ‘staying neutral, establishing trust, creating opportunities, lifting others and generating results and revenue.’ 

Oi! will always stay neutral, as we don’t have any financially binding ties to researchers, advocacy organizations, financial backers or any other parties that would make us partial. This is important in projects such as Green Research, where we offer our knowledge, experience and networks and link organizations to set platforms for future collaborations. Through our avenues and networks, we expect that projects are brought to completion according to plans and prospects.  

All the projects in Oi! Trøndersk Mat and Drikke are anchored in the Trøndelag Food Manifesto. 


Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke AS is a non-profit stock company established in 2005. A surplus is not divided among the owners, but rather put back into the company. We have 100 owners ranging from regional areas of agriculture, government, business, organizations, local food producers, travel and tourism. 

The biggest owner is Trøndelag County Council, then The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Tine SA, Nortura SA, Trondheim Municipality, Grilstad AS, Stiftelsen Sparebank 1 SMN Utvikling, Sør-Trøndelag landbruksselskap and Felleskjøpet Agri. 

Oi! also has smaller owners that represent local food producers, restaurants, hotels, and other organizations collaborating with food- and beverage producers of the Trøndelag region. 

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Aslaug Rustad

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Project Manager Trøndelag Food Festival

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Event Worker

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Project Manager

Monica Harsvik

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Senior Consultant

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Project Manager - The Brewery Festival

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Project Manager

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