Trøndelag ready for the world's largest food fair in Berlin

Trøndelag is one of two regions selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to represent Norway at the International Green Week (IGW) 2024 in Berlin.

A total of 75 different businesses will represent Trøndelag. These include producers, tourism businesses, and destinations physically present in Berlin. In addition, raw materials and products from selected suppliers used in the catering will provide visitors with a unique taste of Trøndelag.

Trønderske delikatesser serveres i Berlin

"We have assembled an exciting team from the entire region, which will sell culinary experiences in Trøndelag when they are at the stand in Berlin. We will also have three skilled chefs; Thomas Borgan and Lisbet Størvold at the Trøndelag stand, and Kim Tomas Jåmå at a joint stand with Northern Norway where the theme will be Sami and reindeer. A total of 30 unique dishes and beverages will be served to attract interest in Trøndelag as a food destination," says Brit Melting at Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke AS, which is responsible for Trøndelag's participation.

Preparing 30,000 Taste Experiences!

Around 40 people are traveling to Berlin to showcase Trøndelag at the booth from January 18 to 28. Minister of Agriculture and Food, Geir Pollestad, will be present to open Norway's booth on January 19. Our participants will demonstrate the diversity of the food we produce and serve in Trøndelag.

"Our job when we are in Berlin is to showcase all the meal experiences and food activities we have at home throughout the year," says Brit Melting. "We bring a variety, genuine pure flavors, and a completeness that will convince international guests of what the region has to offer. We are preparing 30,000 taste experiences of food and drink.

Trøndersk Stand with Street Food

Handheld foods that have been tested and become favorites at the Trøndersk Food Festival, such as waffles on a stick from Galåvolden Farm, salted fish balls from Øyriket, and fish cakes from Rørvik, are expected to be hits at the Trøndelag booth. All made from premium Trøndelag ingredients.

Behind the 30 flavors we present are 45 food and beverage producers who are main suppliers in the menu. They lay the foundation for all the taste experiences we will serve.

Protected Designation Attracts Attention from Germans

An important part of the main ingredients in the menu we present are products with protected designations from Trøndelag. We choose to include all products with protected designations as we know from experience that this is something many Europeans are interested in. These include Festsodd from Inderøy Slakteri, Skjenning from Røra bakery, Tjukkmjølk from Rørosmeieriet, Fjellmandel from Oppdal, and Fenalår from Hurran, Badsturøkt kjøtt på Namdalsk vis from Brattlia økogård, and skjørost from Per-Hansagården in Tydal.

Lavvu is the Big News of the Year

Together with Northern Norway, Trøndelag will present North and South Sami flavors at a joint stand, with reindeer as the main ingredient. The dishes will be combined into a 3 or 5-course menu and paired with drinks.

A lavvu will be set up at the joint stand, which will be a focal point for the Norwegian pavilion and attract visitors to Norway. In the lavvu, visitors will experience Sami life and culture and be served a portion of Sami wedding dinner, based on reindeer meat. "We are excited about how the lavvu will be received by visitors. We have experienced increased interest in the traditions and food of indigenous peoples in recent years and expect there to be a lot of visits and a great atmosphere," says Melting.

In summary:

  • 38 participants are physically present at the booth, showcasing and selling culinary experiences from home.
  • 45 food and beverage producers are the main suppliers of ingredients and products.
  • 30 unique food and drink offerings are featured.
  • 30,000 taste experiences will be served from Trøndelag's booth.

Trøndelag as a Culinary Region:

Trøndelag is gaining increasing international recognition as a gastronomic destination. In 2022, Trondheim and Trøndelag became the first region in Norway to receive the status of a European food region. In the fall of 2023, Trøndelag hosted the World Cheese Championships, where a Trøndersk cheese, Nidelven Blå from Gangstad Gårdsysteri, won and was declared the world's best cheese, competing against 4500 others. In March 2024, Trøndelag will host the European Championship in Culinary Art (Bocuse d’Or Europe), where Årets Kokk, Håvard Werkeland from Trøndelag, will compete against 19 of Europe's best chefs. With all these achievements, it's evident that an increasing number of food enthusiasts are finding their way to Trøndelag for unique culinary experiences.

In Berlin, visitors also have the opportunity to win a dream weekend for two in Trøndelag. The winner can choose between Røros, Øyna on Inderøy, Øyriket Hitra-Frøya, or Trondheim as their destination.


For press inquiries, please contact Communications Manager Ida Lee-Wright at Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke via email at or by phone at +47 959 69 849.

Here is the official program.

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Thursday, January 18:

Press conference organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food at 3:30 PM.

Announcement of the winner of the Business Development Award 2024.

Friday, January 19:

Opening of the Norwegian pavilion at 9:30 AM.

Following the opening, there are plans for the Minister of Agriculture and Food and the delegation to visit the regions at the Norwegian pavilion.


You can find us at:

The Norwegian Pavilion, Hall 8.2. Stand 114. Entrance 9

IGW Fair Berlin GmbH

Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin, Germany

If you have any questions regarding Grüne Woche in Berlin, please contact project manager Brit Melting at or phone +47 454 86 213