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Breweries 2023

For Trondheim Brewery Festival in August 2023 we gathered 30 breweries from near and afar, bringing flavors of craft beer, mead and cider.

There was a plentiful selection of breweries from the region of Trøndelag and the 'mid-section' of Norway. We also had a great selection of Norwegian breweries, from Kristiansand in the south to Tromsø in the north. Check also out the three international breweries from England and Germany.

Gulating was the non-alcoholic bar with a variety of flavorful alcohol-free craft beers as well as other fermented and crafted beverages. 

Because Trondheim Brewery Festival is a festival dedicated to the art and craft of brewing you are always invited to talk to the brewers behind the bar. The brewers themselves are at the tap, and have a wealth of knowledge and craft beer inspirations they'd love to share with you. And so maybe you'll learn something new, of beer and brew and new innovations and old traditions. 

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Lineup 2023

Austmann Bryggeri

Austmann was founded in 2013 by the three friends Vinko, Anders and Thomas, creating a brewery running on a sense of adventure and testing new flavors, always with quality in mind. The brewery is located in Sluppen in Trondheim and have an outlet shop as well as a taproom.  

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Bryggeriet Frøya

On the island of Uttian in Frøya, on the outer banks of Trøndelag county at the edge of the roaring Atlantic Sea, you'll find this brewery. They draw inspiration from stories of olden times when men sailed at sea, and brew their beer on some of the purest water in Norway.

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Crave Cave Brewery

Crave Cave is a small craft brewery hailing from the west coast island of Averøy, near the salty, scenic and magnificent Atlantic Ocean Road. They're all about brewing craft beer that suits the Nordic west coast temperament.

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E.C. Dahls Bryggeri

E.C. Dahls has been brewing beer in Trondheim since 1856 and has a rich and diverse history. They're famous for a certain pilsner, but since they renovated the brewery in 2016 they have launched over a 100 new craft beers. At E.C. Dahls in Nyhavna in Trondheim you can visit the brewery, take a guided tour and have food and beers in their restaurant.  

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Hogna Brygg

HognaBrygg is located in Singsås, an hour south of Trondheim. Here they sustainably brew craft beer with recycled brewing equipment, often using malt made in Trøndelag. They favor both traditional and innovative flavors, new and old recipes.

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Klostergården Håndbryggeri

Klostergården is surrounded by a lot of history, from the medieval court of Frostating to the monastic traditions of Tautra Abbey. The brewery has a smoke house where the malt is smoked, creating beers with flavors anchored way back in the Viking era. 

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Molo Brew

Molo Brew is a brewery pub in Ålesund on the west coast. They brew craft beer inspired by the music they like to listen to, and have a selection of the regular classics as well as experimental craft beer styles. 

Molo Brew

Monkey Brew

Monkey Brew is an innovative craft beer brewery based in Trondheim. They brew beer in the spirit of modern craft, from IPAs with a lot of hops and sour with lots of fruit, to barrel-aged imperial stouts and real sours aged in foeders and in oak barrels. 

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Rodebak Gårdsbryggeri

Rodebak Farmhouse brews beer on the old family farm in rural Innset, an hour south of Trondheim. Grandma used to brew beer here, and today they brew a fine range of Equinox-IPA, Biere de Garde and Saison.

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Røros Bryggeri

Røros Brewery and Mineral Water Factory brews pure craft beer with new recipes based on several hundred years of craft beer traditions in the historic Røros area.

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Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri

Trondhjem Micro Brewery was established in 1998, and was at the time the very second brewery pub opening in Norway. This year they're celebrating 25 years in business! Six years ago they started their own microdistillery. The brewery is located in Prinsen Street right in the middle of Trondheim.

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Underneath the restaurant Frati in the town square of Trondheim in an almost 300 years old vault cellar, is Øx Tap Room. There is a lot of history in these walls. Øx brews craft beer in classic styles that pair well with the food in the restaurant. They also have their own distillery, you can look into it right next to the bar. 

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Lokal Tap

Lokal Tap - bringing you the flavors of two extra local Trøndelag breweries! All in one place, pouring until the tap is empty:

Fæby Bryggeri

Stokkøy Bryggeri

Atelier Vrai

Atelier Vrai is a gypsy brewing company in Bamberg, Germany. It was founded by Nico Döring in 2016, and they collaborate with Bamberg-based brewery Blech.brut. They primarily love to brew 'beer for the nerds' such as hazy IPAs, and have just launched a barrel-aging program.  

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Berentsens Brygghus

The family-owned Berentsens Brew House was established in 1895, and even today it is run as a family business by the fourth and fifth generation. They brew everything from traditional pilsners to the most popular and creative beers, all while winning international awards.  

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Blech.brut is founded by Benedikt Steger and is a brewery in Bamberg, Germany's craft beer and beer culture capital. They blend traditions with new ingredients and are known for their varieties of dry hopped lagers and very fruity IPAs. 

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In 2012 six buddies with a passion for great beer founded Bådin Brewery in Bodø, a town in Northern Norway close to the Arctic Circle. They enjoy brewing balanced craft beer inspired by Belgian and American styles. They source as much as they can locally, and have put Bodø on the map when it comes to high quality craft beer. 

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Cervisiam is an Oslo-based gypsy brewery going their own ways when it comes to brewing craft beer flavor, as they're not afraid to pack a punch to get the right mouthfeel.  

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Edel Sider

Edel Sider is made on Åkre Farm on the west coast, a place where the abundant apple orchards reach all the way down to the edge of the beautiful Hardanger Fjord. Their dry ciders are made with apples at the base, joined with flavors of local raspberries and gooseberries. 

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Graff Brygghus

Graff Brewhouse was founded in Tromsø in 2015, and is this year's northernmost brewery at Trondheim Brewery Festival. They come from way above the Arctic Circle. They are inspired by the traditional craft of brewing as well as modern styles, and brew beer that reflects the style and flavors they themselves appreciate. 

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Haandbryggeriet was founded in 2005 and is a craft beer brewery from Drammen in the south of Norway. They brew using water from Glitre and Norwegian ingredients such as lingonberries, raspberries and sea buckthorn. 

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Homborsund Bryggeri

Homborsund Bryggeri is located in Kristiansand, pretty much as far south as you get in Norway. The brewery was founded in 2017 and also owns Qvart Beer Company. They brew everything from non-alcoholic beers to Belgian quadruples and are very much fond of the combination food and beer. 

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Lervig is an independent craft brewery based in Stavanger in the south of Norway. They brew a variety of styles with top quality ingredients. This year is their 20th anniversary!


Lindheim Ølkompani

Lindheim Beer Company is a family-owned brewery surrounded by fruit trees on the lush Lindheim Farm in Telemark in the south of Norway. Their focus is on barrel-aged craft beer as well as aging natural ciders in oak barrels, but they also brew pilsners, IPAs, wheat beers and other styles.

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Mjøderiet loves to spread knowledge about mead, and bring forth the classic mead styles to the people while experimenting with new and exciting flavor combinations. They stand tall both in the old mead traditions as well as in the new craft brew culture.

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Nøgne Ø

Nøgne Ø was founded in 2002 in Grimstad in the south of Norway, and is a brewery that is always hunting for new and exciting ingredients and flavors, resulting in seasonal and experimental brews.  

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RYGR Brygghus

RYGR Brygghus is a microbrewery in Kverneland Næringspark on Jæren, and was established in 2017. In 2020, they have become one of the largest microbreweries in the country. The brewery has been a driving force behind the use of local raw materials in production, and largely uses malt from the same municipality from Jæren Korn & Malt and oats from Stangeland Mølle.

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Verdant Brewing Co

Verdant Brewing Company is a brewery based in Cornwall, England. They are an independent brewery, and focus on sustainable brewing while pushing on people's taste buds by crafting beers with ingredients that pack a lot of flavor. 

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Wettre Bryggeri

Wettre is a craft brewery located on the Søndre Vettre Farm in Asker, in the southeastern parts of Norway. They brew 20 beers, and also specialty beer on order from companies, hotels and restaurants. They have a brew pub called The Crow, open every Friday night.

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7 Fjell Bryggeri

7 Fjell Brewery was founded in Bergen in 2013; this year marks their 10th anniversary! 7Fjell is a brewery devoted to old and dear craft brewing traditions. They work hard to make their brew very clean to the palate, while seeking new flavors in innovative ways. 

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Gulating - Non-Alcoholic

Tommy Holen Helland from the craft beer shop Gulating Byhaven will be at the non-alcoholic tap, with selections of pilsners and IPAs as well as other brews based on blueberries, lingonberries, rosehips, and other flavors, ensuring you can still be designated driver at the end of the night.

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