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Cooking classes & food courses

Shellfish from the island group of Trøndelag

Join Chef Ola Skjåk-Bræk, to restaurant The Crab in Trondheim - and taste fresh, salty, rich and umami ingredients straight from the sea!

On this seafood course, you get to test your tastebuds and learn new techniques. You will open and taste fresh oysters with various toppings, prepare fresh crayfish and prepare fresh scallop carpaccio!


How do you make the worlds best cheese?

Join the winner of "World Cheese Awards 2023" Maren Gangstad from Gangstad Gårdsysteri in a course that will take you behind the scenes in how their cheeses are made - from the first drops of fresh milk to fully matured cheese.

Of course, there will be tastings of several of their famous cheeses.

N.B.: If you have a gluten allergy, this must be stated when registering!


Berries and tarts

Head pastry chef of Britannia Hotel, Cathrine Nilsen, will show you how to make the perfect summer tart with fresh and local ingredients.

Cathrine will explain flavor compositions and the combination of sour and sweet, what suits the season and how the visual impressions are just as important as taste


Wild and sweet temptations from nature

It is a myth that all wild plants taste bitter, nature offers a great variety of flavors reminiscent of, among other things, vanilla, pineapple, almond and licorice. Jim André Stene will go through species and plants that are suitable for dessert, and give an overview of what can be made from them.

Join us and learn about harvesting and unique flavors from Trøndelag!


Artisan baking - The perfect home made bread

An exciting and educational baking course with Eidum Gårdsbakeri!

The course will teach you about Norwegian craftsmanship and tradition - and which techniques are important for making good, home-baked bread, both with sourdough and with yeast.


Seaweed and kelp - The oceans green treasure

Go on a deep dive in the world of seaweed and kelp.

You will learn how to go about gathering these sea vegetables and when they are best to pick. How do you take care of macroalgae and use them as food? You will get to taste different species, and who knows, maybe you will get a kick-start as a kelp collector?


Urban farming

Join a practical and educational course on urban cultivation with a focus on water-based cultivation techniques.

The course places great emphasis on hands-on activities, where you get the opportunity to sow and take the leafy vegetables home with you, and get tips on how to take care of them at home.