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In connection with the World Cheese Awards appening in Trondheim Spektrum, we are working together with restaurants and hotels in Trondheim. At the same time, we will mark the big event where the world's best cheese will be chosen. In the run-up to the World Cheese Awards, the appointed restaurants will put extra focus on cheese in their menus.

See the overview of which restaurants and hotels are participating, and what they offer:

Fagn Bistro

23. - 27. october

The restaurant with two Michelin awards puts extra focus on the local cheeses here in Trøndelag. Their 5-course menu will be based entirely on cheese this week. Head to Fagn to celebrate the championship and locally produced cheese.

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To rom og kjøkken

23. - 28. october

Visit To Rom og Kjøkken for a dining experience inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, made with first-class ingredients from Trøndelag. The menu follows the seasons, so here you will be served the flavors of the season.

In the week leading up to the World Cheese Awards, they serve a course made of local cheeses from Trøndelag.

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16. - 28. october

The restaurant serves courses inspired by local produce and French cuisine. To mark the World Cheese Awards, they have expanded their offer of local cheeses on the menu, for two weeks leading up to the event.


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EC Dahls Pub og kjøkken

26. october 18:00

EC Dahls Pub og Kjøkken is inspired by the American, and offers local produce and beer on their menu. They combine old and new cooking traditions.

Thursday 26 October at at 18:00 you can take part in a tailor-made tasting where 5 local cheeses are combined with 5 local beers.

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Frati - Hevd - Una - ØX

23. - 29. october

Throughout the week leading up to the World Cheese Awards the four restaurants Frati, Hevd, Una and ØX offer pizza and pasta that use cheese as the main ingredient.

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Brasserie Britannia

23.-29. october

Their three new cheese courses:

Pommes croquette - with forest mushroom & cheese sauce

Chateaubriand «gratin» - Gratinated beef tenderloin with truffle cheese, pommes puré, haricot verts and truffle sauce

«Mille Feuille» - with Kongeost from Hitra

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Jonathan Grill

24.-28. october

These three cheese courses will be served:

Spring onion pancakes with cream cheese and crunchy chilli

Entrecôte with grilled broccolini and airy cheese fondu

Fried Camembert with apple compote

The Rooftop 

26. - 29. October

The kitchen combines Nordic and Asian food traditions, and serves dishes consisting of local ingredients. 4 courses, 6 courses and à la carte.

26. - 29. October they serve warm Camembert from Ganstad Gårdsysteri with grilled toast and marmalade. Together with a glass of English sparkling wine, you can enjoy the cheese and the view.

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Clarion Brattøra: Breakfast

26. - 29. october

They serve a wide selection of local cheeses from Trøndelag on their Breakfast buffet. Here they want to showcase the diversity of cheeses and the good craftsmanship that is produced locally in Trøndelag. Treat yourself to a good breakfast and a good selection of cheese.

Price drop-in: 295kr

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Scandic Nidelven: Breakfast

26. october

The hotel that has been awarded "Norway's best hotel breakfast" 14 times. They offers their own vegan breakfast buffet, barista bar, waffle station and much more. The raw materials are local and seasonal.

This day they set up their own cheese buffet!

Price drop-in: 425kr

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