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Tent A: Smaker fra Øyriket

Bryggeriet Frøya AS: Havfrua, ligth lager/pilsner, ty's beer, non-alcoholic options: beer, sodawater, water and coffee

Dalpro Gårdsmat: DalPro’s products are all based on the meat of wild sheep and deer.

Dolmøy Seafood AS: Dolmøy Seafood produces handmade, award-winning quality products in salmon and trout

Garnviks Røkeri AS: Our products are of high quality, Salmon & Trout are smoked on wood chips and air dried well before

HitraMat: Handpicked dressed crab, whole cooked crab and crab claws.

Hitra gårdsmat: Organic unpasteurized cheese - made of cheese from happy cows.

Lerøy Midt


Tent B: Oppdal Smak av Fjell

Bortistu Gjestegard: Bortistu has traditional products, like: 
- Smoked and salted leg of lamb from Trollheimen,
- Magda's prune happiness, traditional dessert with barley and apricot, and
- Chef's Flat baked bread, a useful thin crispy bread with sesame that can be used for several types of food, also cheese.

Fjellmandel: A gourmet potato with a rich flavor from high in the mountains.

Hannes Pølser: Hanne wanted to make sausages since she was a baby. She is no longer a baby, but she stayed true to her wish and her sausages are now like nothing you have tasted before. That's what makes them so much fun. They are all made by Hanne and you can't get them anywhere else. Perhaps this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to check it out?

Oppdal Turisthotell

Quality Hotel Skifer

Trollheim-Nerskogen: Meat products from our mountain farm on Nerskogen. On our farm we raise Limousine cows and mountain pigs for sale om the marked.

Tent B: Trondheims Matperler

Austmann Bryggeri

Bynesegg: egg

Eggan Nedre

Elset gård: Serving small dishes containing cured meats of goat and goat meat.

Frøset Østre gård Lars Inge Fenes: Serving with Trondheim's food pearls

Hanger Bær og Frukt: Strawberry, raspberry, cherries and wild salmon in our common restaurant Trondheims matperler.

Haugrønning Gård: "Fenalår" (cured meat) of Stone Age sheep, potatoes and vegetables. Organic and regenerative farm.

Kviset Gård: Kviset gård produce meat from Norwegian native cows and grows potatoes for direct sale.

Myar gård: Potatoes and vegetables for hot and cold dishes in our common restaurant Trondheims matperler.

Onsøyen Gård: Lamb burger, lamb skav in pita bread, accessories, taste / serving of fenalår plate and flatbread

Reppe Søndre

Snauan Gård: Honey, strawberry and rasberry.

Tent B: Smaker fra Orkland

Bårdshaug Herregård: Offer produce, local goods and prepares dish(es) with flavors from Orkland.


Fiskerfruens hjemmelagde: Tasteful Herring with tomato, chilli and mustard saus in addisjon to Herskapssild.

Fosslykkja Bigård: summer and heather honey. Mustard and caramel sauce with honey

Goille Godt: I am proud to tell that I use eggs and butter from local farmers in my Lemon curd.

Orkladal ysteri: We are selling hard, semihard and soft washed cheeses, two kinds of blue cheese and halloumi.

Renskleiv Gård: We sell products from our own beef cattle

Steindalen gård: We are selling meet from our Hereford cattle and from an old Norwegian sheep breed.

Tenneltunet: We sell our own produced uniqe fishmousse, rubarb limonade and spekemat.

Turid Mjønesaune: Åstfjordlam sells meat and dry sausage of sheep and dear. Also have fine lambskin of willd sheep.

Tent B: Enklektutstillere


Garnviks Røkeri: Our products are of high quality, Salmon & Trout are smoked on wood chips and air dried well before

Helt Gresk: Greek marinated pork and chicken from Trøndelag, grilled on a gyrosmachine.

MENY: Angusburger, cuts from Anguscattle, Cheese from Trøndelag and Møre, sausages, Cured meats from Tind, smoked salmon from Garnvik

Norsk Gardsmeny: Production of Trøndersveler, fried on a rack and iron. Tynnlefser from Trondheim. Coffee

Prima Jæren

Standli Gård




Tent C: COOP Midt-Norge

Coop Midt-Norge SA: Chefs from Mega will cook for sale:
wraps with deer from Rørosrein,, Mild smoked Aquavit salmon from Garnvik, Gauder sausage from Inderøy butchery, Reindeer sausage from Rørosrein, Hamburger from Røroskjøtt, sparkling drinks from Røros brewery and water from Snåsa

Tent D: Fosen

Ankeret mat: Cured and marinated Herring of superior quality, handmade on the tiny island of Kråkvåg.

Bev invest

Bjørnør Gård: Quality meat from purebred duroc free-range pigs and grass-fed beef castrates bred by the Norwegian sea in Roan.

Ecunor Aqua: Microgreens are vegetables harvested in the early stages. Nutrients and taste are concentrate

Fosen Bryggeri: different varieties of hand brewed beer

Fru neliK: Caramels, confectioneries, meringues and refreshments. True love in every bite - produced in Rissa.

Harbak Gård: Lamb: thickening parts, processed products such as sausage and burger. Fenalår and stick meat

Hindrum Gårdsysteri: Organic clothbound cheddar, beer-marinated cheeses and other cheeses made with passion.

Lykkja Gård: Sale of raspberries

Nordmeland Gårdsmat: Local cured meats of cattle and elk

Norgeskjell: See:

Reins Kloster: Award-winning organic ice cream consisting of many local ingredients.

Romstad Gård: Jelly, cheese, butter, spices, vinegar, syrup, mustard sauce, mushroom sauce, bread

Skansen Ost: Cheeses made of goatmilk.

Stokkøy Bryggeri: Craft Beer

Uthaug Fisk: Smoked, marinated and pepper salmon. Herring. Warm fishcakes.

Tent E: Namdalen

Baxt Lierne

Bjørøya: Salmon filet produced by Bjørøya, and been through approved slaughethouse and smokehouse.

Brattlia Mat og Kultur: Smoked moose, lamb, fish, pig, reindeerhart of an old tradisjon.

Gammel Erik: Local produced cheese with international approval

LiVERTEN: Norwegian reindeer kebab, moose-burger, reindeer sausages..
Sales of local bakery products and salted mountain char

Li-snadder: Smoked moose, lamb, fish, pig, reindeerhart of an old tradisjon.


Tent F: Røros

Dyrk Mølle: Dyrk Mill cultivates and makes products of organic barley in almost arctic climate,500m ab. sealevel

Eggen Gardsysteri: We have cheeses made from cows milk. We have white cheese and blue cheeses.

Galåvolden Gård:  Local prize products from Røros as Icecream, cheese, waffle.

Nordli Gård: Heather honey and liquid wild berry/flower honey, and cookies and granola baked with heather honey.

Røroskjøtt: BBQ

Rørosmeieriet: Premium crafted dairy products from organic Norwegian farms

Rørosrein: Reindeer meat, dried meat, sausage,

Solliaysteri: different white and brown goat chees.

Solsiden Honning

Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri: As one of Norway's largest game meat suppliers, we have a large selection of both reindeer, moose and deer products. We do also have several varieties of reindeer skins and antlers.

Tent G: Mett i Gauldalen

Hogna brygg: Aromatic, tasty beer, mostly brewed with local malts from Trøndelag. Goes well with fish, meat or sweets, find your favourite combination!

Midtre Gauldal Utvikling:

Nordpå Fjellhotell: Nordpå Gøkburger and Gøkrein - Burger from the mountain with beef or reindeer with local bread!

Soknedal Bakeri og Konditori: "Traditional Fresh" Artisan breads and cakes, served fresh.

Storbekkøya Museumsseter: Coffee and a local tradition served with rhubarb jam and sour cream produced in Budalen.

Tent H1: Barneaktiviteter

 In this tent you can smell, taste and test your knowledge about food through a variety of different activities.

4H Trøndelag


Bonde- og Småbrukarlaget




Urban Dyrking Voll Gård

Tent H2: Barne- og Ungdomsaktiviteter

 In this tent you can smell, taste and test your knowledge about food through a variety of different activities.

Opplæringskontoret for mat- og servicefag





Sjetlein Kompetansesenter

Unge Kokker

Tent I: Bondens Marked

Bæstens Bakeri: All our gluten-free and regular lefser are baked on a rack and contain only natural local ingredient

Fornes Gård: Honey from own apiary in Stjørdalsføret.

Galloway Økokjøtt: 100% Ecological grasfed meat from bull. Hamburgers

Heimebakst: Smeared thin & thick lefse. Potatolefse. Solemdalslefse - Baking and grain product of the year 2019.

Hitra Gårdsmat: Organic unpasteurized cheese - made of cheese from happy cows

Jo-Sætra Produkter: Local berries and herbs become juices, jams, syrups, jellies. Own animals become fresh meat product

Romstad Gård: Jelly, cheese, butter, spices, vinegar, syrup, mustard sauce, mushroom sauce, bread

Saltnes Gård: Grasfeedet Beff, Organisk Biff from Ox Make Dry Age beef, dryed up to 75 days.

Skånaliseter Gårdsysteri:

Tent J: Frosta

Grønt fra Frosta: Fresh vegetables

Klostergården: Craft beer, marmelades, jus, jams and flatbrød. Maybe we'll bring some whisky samples:)

Rekkebo Midtre: Jam, cheese and meat accessories, juice and cured sausages

Stene Gård: Sausages, cakes and cured meats of cattle, pigs and lambs.

Ytre Viken/Lars Viken Gartneri: Freshly baked waffles on a stick, raspberry juice, cofee, fresh farm eggs, fresh fruit and berries.

RÅGO: Foodbox concept with local food from all over Trøndelag. Vegetables from Frosta and other local food from all over Trøndelag.

Tent K: Smak og Opplev Melhus

Haugen Gård: Grilling of sausage and hamburger, sale of cuts and cured meats

Melhus Bakeri: High quality Pastry and bakery products

Melhusgården Øvre: 100% meat from cattle Urfe in the products, 100% grasfeed, outfield pasture

Mærkevare Hjemmebakt: Bublewafle with icecream and a variety of accessories. "Sveler" is a norwegian traditional pancake.

Schei Jacobsen: Basil aioli made with egg from Oppstu Gård and fresh basil from Frosta.

Øya Vidregående: sheepskin of the breed grey trondersau. Meat from outside pigs.

Tent K: AUK - Smaker fra Stjørdalsføret

Ersgard: Wood oven braised lamb with raspberries, baked potato wedges and vegetables. And a vegan dish.

Lykkemat: We produce granola, cookies and breadstick, - all baked by hand of norwegian organic acient grains.


Tent K: Enkeltutstillere

Jentene på Tunet: Award winning handmade chocolate pralines - the best in Scandinavia!
Ice cream

Pala Kaffebrenneri: Freshly roasted coffee beans, freshly brewed coffee, ice coffee, coffee milkshake.


Grønne Folk

Kjeldsberg Kaffebrenneri

Norsk Kylling

Viken Gartneri Frosta

REMA 1000

Tent M: Den Gyldne Omvei

Berg Gård og Inderøy Brenneri

Brukanès Birøkt & Likanès  Honning 


Gangstad Gårdsysteri: We make different types of cheese from our own cow milk.

Inderøy Gardsbryggeri: 10-12 different kind of beer. Applejuice.

Inderøyhonning: Summerhoney from mainy wild raspberry in Inderøy and Heather honey from the coast of Trondelag.

Inderøy Mosteri: Juices and hard ciders from one of the worlds northliest commercial apple farms.

Inderøy Kaffebrenneri: We're offering organic coffee to the people!

Inderøy Slakteri: Products from our company

Marens Bakeri: Local craft bakery with its own gluten-free department producing delightful breads and cakes

Røra Bakeri: Traditionally flatbread from this region for feast and everyday food, and biscuits with leftovers.

Surf Kombucha: Surf Kombucha is a sparkling and fermented tea brewed on organic tea. With fruits and berries

Tent M: Innherred

Gold of Italy: Organic olive oils. Spices. Olive soap. Serving pizza with our own «sazizza sausage»

Gullimunn: 5 farms in Trøndelag have joined forces to grow, grind and sell varieties of organic ancient grains - with unique local quality and high nutritional value. Gullimunn tests the taste, aroma and baking quality, every year on the vintage for last year harvest. They give baking tips if desired. In 2017, they received an award for best organic product of the year for the local Emmer, and the same award was given for the waffle flour in 2018. More information about Gullimunn can be found at;

Mikkelhaug: is located in Alstadhaug, Levanger and produces different juices and drinkes based of fruit and berries.

Tverås Gårdsmat: «Gomme» a organic cheese-product, «Prim» a soft brown cheese with vanilla

Vuku Gårdsmeieri: Vuku Gårdsmeieri makes mozzarella (main product), but allso grilled cheese (halloumi-type) and other dairy products, based on organic milk from our own farm, and non-organic milk from a neighbors farm.

Tent N: Enkeltutstillere

Fra Røst: Stockfish IGP "Tørrfisk fra Lofoten", Røst-lamb, blood-pancakes, cod liver oil

Grini Hjemmebakeri: Traditional wreath cake. For all occations! Glutenfree.

Gulating Ølutsalg Byhaven: Gulating has become an anchor point in Trondheim for beer lovers, and has over 350 different beers.

Løiten Hjorteoppdrett: Burgers from Deer, Moos, and Bear.

Myken Destilleri: Handcraftet Arctic whisky and gin, produced on a small island 32 km from the mainland.

Nortura Tynset: Cured ham and sheep from dry mountain climate, all handmade and dry salted in Tynset

Seaweed: Vegan Sea Snack with Seaweed from Norway. Products are gluten free and produced in the Arctic

Økologisk Trøndelag: We arrange tastings, quiz etc. to highlight local organic producers and agents.