Orkland (1)

Orkland - Farming Through Generations

Where the gifted farmers have worked the land through generations

In the fertile valleys of Orkland the experienced farmers have cultivated the soil through generations. The cattle have nutritious grazing lands, yielding top quality milk. The dairy makers at Fannrem Farm know all about this; and use the Orkland milk when they make award-winning cheeses and sour cream of Michelin-star quality. Here artisanal crafts and traditions have been held in reverence for centuries. 

The abundant salmon river Orkla runs at the bottom of the valley and is a sought-after place to go fly fishing. From the inland you can travel to the coast, where you can have freshly caught langoustine and fish of many kinds.

Orkland has an engaging history, and the majestic Bårdshaug Manor has housed and served guests from near and afar for over a hundred years. The Orkla Guest Residence has also offered first class food and accommodations in royal surroundings. 

The mountain range of Trollheimen is known from old fairy tales as the land where the trolls live, because they thrived in wild, majestic and pristine nature. See for yourself, spend the night here and have great experiences canoeing, hiking, cross country skiing and dog sledding.