Fosen - Norway in a Nutshell

From the ocean to the mountains

The peninsula of Fosen is Norway in a nutshell. Here you will find yourself very close to both the ocean and the mountains, and the history here is as majestic as the nature and the culinary experiences. Fosen is the land of contrasts.

On the destination island that is Stokkøya you can enjoy fresh mussels and innovative architecture, you can go fishing near the islands or go further out for deep sea fishing, and you can take a hike up the Munkstigen Via Ferrata to get panoramic views of the entire Trondheim Fjord and the ‘Fosen Alps.’

Back in the early days when the weather got rough, the ships would seek shelter and sail into Kuringen Bryggehotell to sit the storm out. Here they would find calmer waters and hospitable people, and to this day there are candles in the windows and always something nourishing offered to eat. 
Nearby is Stokkøya Ocean Center; Stokkøya Sjøsenter, widely known for their great bakery, lively concerts and events, and a long, white beach. 

For more pristine seafood and cold beverages try The Fosen Fjordhotell in the middle of the town of Åfjord, or the Ørland Coastal Hotel, Ørland Kysthotell, which is situated next to the speed boat dock at Brekstad.
The Heggli Herb Garden, Heggli Urtehage, is in Stadsbygd. Here the very knowledgeable proprietor can take you around the herb gardens and you can also take classes learning about culinary uses of herbs.