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Tverås Farm Food

Tverås Gårdsmat offers caramelized vanilla prim and organic gomme, made according to Trønder traditions. Lovely toppings for young and old that go well with lefse, waffles, svelers and bread.

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The farm Tverås Søndre can be found in the innermost part of the Trondheimsfjord,close to the village of Malm. Here the animals graze on fresh clover meadows and lush cultivated pastures with wild plants. The farm currently produces both milk and meat. Through generations, old traditions such as "gomme"-boiling have been taken care of, so in 2019 the idea of ​​processing our own milk started to take care of this production. A new extension to the existing operating building was completed the same year. In February 2020, Tverås Gårdsmat AS was founded, which then wants to produce organic gomme. The recipe originates from the well-known "Høylandsgommen". Custom adjustments have been made to both the recipe and the production method. It is Birgit who is responsible for the gomme production itself, while the younger generation takes care of the farm itself. Both milk production on the farm and gomme production are approved organic. In 2021, production of our caramelized vanilla "prim" started. Birgit herself is behind the recipe for this, it has become very popular with both young and old. It has a rich and caramelized taste. Homemade and tasty. Suitable both for waffles, biscuits, slices of bread and not least as a side dish for desserts, confectionary cakes and yeast baking. Vaniljeprimen won gold at the 21st Norwegian Cheese Championship and won the Trøndersk Food Festival in the category "Newcomer of the Year".

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