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Jentene på Tunet - Chocolatier

Handmade award winning chocolate - Europe's best!

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Jentene på Tunet create chocolate delights, every day - handmade award-winning chocolate/confectionery pieces in different shapes and packaging!

We have already become known for the high quality of the products with exclusive packaging, but what we are most proud of is all the feedback on good taste experiences from the customers! Raw materials of the best quality - pure fruit and berry purees, carefully selected nuts, and especially the Valrhona Grand Cru chocolate! More and more customers and dealers, dealers who, like us, focus on quality - and there is unison good feedback!

Good feedback also from the professional community - here are some examples from the last 2 years - 1 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze and 1 Special Award in the International Chocolate Awards - Jentene på Tunet make Europe's best filled confectionery pieces, the experts says - thank you very much we say (April 2022 ) - Finalist for the Year's Norwegian Food Tax Grant (Sept 2021) - Silver in the unofficial WC for Chocolatiers (May 2021) - Winner of Innovation Norway's Urban Development Award (Norway, winner of the national final) (Feb 2020) - 2 gold and 3 silver in International Chocolate Awards (Nov 2020) - Scandinavia's best chocolate the experts says, thank you very much we say - Gold in the London Awards with Nordlyssjokoladen (June 2020) - Finalist in Det Norske Måltid 2019, and winner of the Year's Forsprang (Jan 2020) We also won the award for New of the Year with our Northern Lights chocolate at the Trøndersk Food Festival in 2017 - and we were nominated as Stand of the Year when we debuted in 2016!

Feel free to visit our great cafe/farm shop in Selbu (opening hours on our Facebook and website) - address: Kammen 39, 7580 Selbu - Welcome!

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