Røros World Heritage Site

Røros, the local food capital

Here the development of local and traditional food products is leading the way, and through solid interdisiplinary collaborations the Røros-region has become legendary in the local food movement.

The historic UNESCO World Heritage Site and local food capital of Røros is situated east in the county of Trøndelag, not far from the Swedish border. Among vast plains and mountains, the town is the travel destination for foodies and travellers seeking unique cultural experiences.  Whether you want to go dog sledding or visit the historic mines, peruse artisanal shops and galleries, munch at cafes and restaurants the food culture is palpable and everywhere to be found.

Røros is known internationally for its foods. The mountain lodge of Vauldalen Fjellhotell is just outside of Røros and offers specialty foods from the area. Here you can taste a mountain bird called grouse, as well as enjoy a reindeer roast, and for dessert there is delicate orange cloudberries that are to be found all over the mountains, even just outside your door. In the town of Røros you can eat and live well in places like Røros HotellBergstaden Hotell, and Vertshuset. To really be able to sample the extent of food traditions we recommend joining a ‘local food safari’ or getting on the ‘food bus’ traveling the region.