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Oppdal - in the land of the musk ox

Where the musk ox lives

With its mountains and verdant valleys, you will find that Oppdal is perfect for activities such as a musk ox safari, mountain biking, hiking, skiing and river rafting. The beautiful nature is also a breeding ground for amazing food. The region of Oppdal has Northern Europe’s most nutritious grazing lands, and exceptionally rich soil provides mountain potatoes and lamb of the highest quality. 

Local food- and beverage producers promote their artisanal food products under the brand Oppdal The Taste of Mountains:  Oppdal Smak av Fjell. You can buy their products in the food court downtown; Oppdal Smak og Behag. Here you can also find the wood-fired brick oven Bakeriet Sprø, loosely translated to English as ‘the crisp bakery’. In the food court you can find burgers made from locally raised Limousine cattle, cured meats, salted and dried lamb leg and jam made from the berries growing in the Oppdal mountains. 

Near Oppdal you can also find a valley called Storlidalen, and the mountain lodge of Bortistu Gjestegård, which is a great place for exploring the mountains nearby. Here they make famous sauna-smoked leg of lamb. 

In historic Kongsvold Lodge you may dine fine and well, and explore the botanical mountains nearby.