Eva Nordfjell Rørosrein I Kofte Med Reinsdyr 500X400

Reindeer; The South Sami Way

This class will be taught in English


Presenter: Eva Nordfjell, Rørosrein

Time: Friday August 4th, 11am - 12pm

Where: Britannia Hotel, Trondheim

Cost: 350 NOK plus Hoopla fee



Come learn about the way of the reindeer with South Sami reindeer herder Eva Nordfjell!

Eva Nordfjell of Rørosrein belongs to a South Sami reindeer herding family, based in Røros. The family is part of a Sijte, which is a community of many Sami families that together manage large herds of reindeer. The reindeer roam over vast parts of the mountains looking for food, and are moved to different parts of the mountains according to season.

These animals are inherently wild, so this is a task the Samis have cultivated over hundreds of years.

At Rørosrein they have a production facility where they merge traditional Sami uses of reindeer meat with new innovation and flavors. The Sami have long traditions of fermenting, curing and smoking reindeer meat, and Eva Nordfjell harvests her own traditional herbs  - such as the aromatic Angelica (kvann) to flavor the reindeer sausages and other products.

Come listen to the very rich history of the South Sami people, a people indigenous to the region of Trøndelag, and sample reindeer meat made the Sami way.

In Røros you can visit Rørosrein’s Gåetie, that’s a traditional dwelling built in the forest. It’s a wooden structure with a fireplace in the middle. Maybe you will get a feel of that fireplaceand the South Sami culture when Eva shares her stories?


This class will be taught in English.