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A master meeting of Nordic top chefs

This summer a historic meeting will take place in Trondheim. During Trøndelag Food Festival July 28-30 nine Nordic chefs will be visiting the city of Trondheim and the food region of Trøndelag. Head chef Christopher Davidsen of restaurant Speilsalen in Britannia Hotel will be the host, and he is looking forward to welcoming his chef guests to Nordic Chef Symposium.

- This is going to be absolutely magical. I’m really looking forward to cooking with the best chefs the Nordic countries have to offer, and to show them the food region of Trøndelag and all the incredible foods and locally sourced ingredients we have here, Davidsen says.

The chefs are coming from Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Combined they have ten Michelin stars and have won numerous awards in Bocuse d`Or as well as other prestigious cooking competitions. The master chefs will be opening Trøndelag Food Festival and participate in a seminar about sustainable food production. On the evening of Wednesday July 27th, they invite to a rare culinary journey: Nordic Taste Dinner at Britannia Hotel with 11 courses prepared by the best chefs from the Nordic countries.

- Nordic Taste Dinner is going to be a completely unique experience. It will be a great evening with 11 courses prepared by the best chefs from the Nordic countries, Davidsen says.

One of the chefs coming to Trondheim is Tommy Tuominen. He is head chef of his Michelin restaurant Finnjävel in Helsinki.

- This is my first visit to Trondheim and I’m excited to experience this food region. I feel honored to participate in this event together with the other chefs attending, says Tuominen.


Tommy Tominen from Finland is the owner and head chef at the Michelinrestaurant Finnjävel in Helsinki.

An arena for exchanging knowledge 

Swedish chef Mikael Svensson owns and runs Michelin restaurant Kontrast in Oslo, where they put ingredients from Trøndelag on their menu.

- It’s going to be exciting and a lot of fun to be in Trondheim and meet all the amazing food artisans who live there. Trøndelag is a unique region full of unique foods that we enjoy a lot in our kitchen at Kontrast, Svensson says.

Mikael Svensson is one of nine nordic chefs visiting Trøndelag Food Festival and Trondheim this summer. The Michelin Chef is passionate about using sustainable and ecological food in his kitchen at the Michelinrestaurant Kontrast.

- Trondheim and the region of Trøndelag is naturally a great place to visit for the best of international chefs, especially during Trøndelag Food Festival. For several days the very best from our food region is gathered downtown Trondheim. We would like this to be an arena for exchanging knowledge and skills among chefs, especially regarding sustainability in the kitchen. We’re very delighted that they would like to come here and participate in Nordic Chef Symposium, says Britannia Hotel director Mikael Forselius.

- Nordic Chef Symposium is going to lift Trøndelag Food Festival as a knowledge-based festival tremendously, and we are delighted that we have such great collaboration with Britannia Hotel and our festival chef Christopher Davidsen. We would like Trøndelag Food Festival to be an arena for sustainable innovation and development. As these top chefs are gathering and exchanging experiences, knowledge and skills - all while using foods and ingredients from the Trøndelag region - we believe the result will be absolutely incredible, says festival manager Brit Melting.

Hotel director Mikael Forselius at Britannia Hotel and Head Chef Christopher W. Davidsen of restaurant Speilsalen will be hosting nine of the best chefs from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland in Nordic Chef Symposium in Trondheim 28.-30. juli.

Nordic Taste Dinner Chefs:
- Eero Vottonen - Palace restaurant ** (Helsinki)
- Tommi Tuominen - Finnjävel Salonki * Demo*(Helsinki)
- Viktor Ørn Andresson fra LUX Veitingar (Reykjavik)
- Thrainn Freyr Vigfusson - Ox og Sumac * (Reykjavik)
- Jonas Lagerstrøm – Etoile * (Stockholm)
- Tommy Myllymaki – Aira * (Stockholm)
- Mikael Svensson – Kontrast * (Oslo)
- Sven Erik Renaa - RE-NAA ** (Stavanger)
- Ørjan Johannessen - Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri (Austevoll)
- Christopher W. Davidsen – Speilsalen * (Trondheim